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Neurofeedback is a cutting edge technology which helps the brain enhance functioning and targets regulation of thoughts, feelings, and focus.

Trauma is any event which is sudden, prolonged, or intense to an individual causing negative effects in daily life such as anxiety/phobias    

Hypnosis is widely accepted as an intervention with little to no side effects. A powerful tool for clearing blocks to success:


Hypnosis &

   Guided meditation

EMDR & trauma

​    Intensives

Adolescents, young adults, adults, families, and couples.  Specializing in anxiety, trauma,  post treatment aftercare appointments, substance abuse 


About My Practice:
As a board Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor and Clinical Social Worker my goals is to create a comfortable and safe environment where clients can explore and create possibilities for change in their lives.   I have clientele who want a positive sounding board for  life situations, need ongoing support after treatment programming, or have been struggling with disabling life-long patterns.  I work with adolescents, young adults, adults, couples and families.  I specialize in anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma, substance use disorders, family substance abuse education, adolescent and young adult issues, communication skills, couples counseling, and overcoming fears/blocks to success.  I am Meadows trained, PIT Codependency trained, EMDR Level 1 and 2 trained, and I do Somatic Experiencing (SE).  
My Philosphy: 
 I believe in treating the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person; experiences or problems are temporary set backs but our essential self is never truly damaged.  I believe we are naturally programmed to want to change, grow, heal, and succeed. In this high stress society we lose touch with our essential self, our own internal compass, and sense of connection.  Fear, trauma, abuse, dysfunctional relationships, phobias, anxiety, family problems, even just simple thinking patterns can become taxing and disorienting.  Gaining a new perspective can be a much needed relief.  Sometimes having professional input can change the course of your life forever.