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Break the cycle of unwanted behaviors/release your full potential. Hypnosis uses the power of the human mind in order to bring about profound changes, thoughts/behaviors. Hypnosis is a natural state that we all go into several times per day similar to daydreaming or meditation. Hypnosis occurs when we focus our mind on one specific idea or thought.  Today, it now enjoys a huge amount of popularity.  In fact, hypnosis is well respected, scientifically researched discipline and is being accepted by medical, dental, and spiritual societies all over the world.  It is the only therapy that interacts with the subconscious.  This means there is often no need for a long and protracted course of treatment and has little to no side effects!  Hypnosis used for : Anxiety/Stress, Smoking, Habits, Phobias/Fears, Weight, Pain, Pre-Post Surgery, Test Anxiety, Grief Work, Work Stress, Confidence, Sleep, Self-Image, Career Enhancement, Goal Achievement, Relationships, Public Speaking, Concentration


hypnosis/Guided Meditation 

Counseling for individuals, couples, families.  I work with adolescents, young adults, and adults, specializing in anxiety, aftercare sessions for substance abuse, family education, trauma, stress, anxiety, phobias, EMDR, & goals setting. 


EMDR/Counseling Intensives

1 day & 3-5 day Intensives

Half Day 4 hour & Full Day 3 hours am + 3 hours pm

3-5 days @ 2-3 hour session blocks 

Ready for Change? Intensives are a great option to work on identified patterns in short time frame/create change without the hassle of setting multiple appointments throughout the weeks.  Can be scheduled 7 days per week. 

NeuroFeedback Brain Paint

Neurofeedback helps retrain the brain for persons with depression, insomnia, anxiety, ADD, PTSD, Addictions, excessive energy, relationship stress, performance anxiety, meditation, and brain injury.  Call for package pricing.   More info


Counseling/EMDR Sessions/

Initial Intake Session 45-90min- $150

Subsequent Session 45 minute- $150

30 min sessions-$125

Intensives-Half Day $320 (3-4 hour)

Intensive-Full Day $500 (5-6 hour)

Hypnosis: $125 Full Session 60 minutes

Neurofeedback: $1500 per package ($200 evaluation)/ $150 standard session.



 EMDR or Eye Movement Desenstiation Reprocessing is a widely accepted technique for treating trauma, PTSD, phobias, painful memories/ beliefs.  Utilyzing the brain's natural healing processes, EMDR therapy quickly heals many conditions which have been time consuming to treat in the past.  Using bilateral stimulation (eye movements side to side or tapping) activates opposite sides of the brain allowing the brain to release/redefine emotional experiences that are trapped within the brain.  EMDR has been utilized with great success by the military for PTSD and the uses of EMDR are continuing to expand.  EMDR is used by first responders for natural disasters and is being utilized for simple fears such as public speaking. EMDR is recommended @ 90 minute sessions at a minimum. More info